Maguro-Lilla Dent

Linoleum reduction print, 2014

About Maguro
A backwards mermaid – a “maidmer,” if you will – stands out surrealistically against the classical luxuries of an Oriental harem, twisting the image of the indolent odalisque out of its traditional boundaries, and posing a dramatic challenge to the established female beauty aesthetic.  By reducing a female to her lower half, and further animalizing her by the addition of a beast’s head, the maidmer also provokes reflection on the sexual objectification of women in general. Indeed, the word “maguro” in Japanese, while of course primarily referring to a tuna, also carries a slang connotation of a frigid or unresponsive woman, which adds an additional sly subtext to the composition and encourages the viewer to seriously question the norms and expectations surrounding women to this day – concubines or otherwise – regarding their sexuality and dominant/passive tendencies.

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