Rebirth_OilOncanvas- 60x60cmKatherine Gailer
Oil on Canvas, 60x60cm
About Rebirth

It is undeniable that our current society – ‘where we know the price of everything and the value of nothing’ –  suffers from a spiritual hunger. Awakening after years of materialism and bringing people back in touch with their essential human spirit are necessary pathways for changing our present relationship to the enviroment, technology and the world itself; a frgmented world where mind is severed from body and culture from planet. I strongly believe that art can provide what is missing in the technological and accelerated pace that now dominates our way of life. It can be used as an invaluable tool in the venture of reviving and reaffirming our human value.
My artwork develops around issues of spiritual and cultural identity. It is concerned with transformation and the spiritual renewal of ordinary people and mainstream society, as I believe that our awareness of the spirit holds the key to to the growth of a more integrated and balanced society. Rediscovering a sense of the sacred and revisiting our ancient past are core inspirations for the development of my artwork.
Moreover, the representation of the female subject is one of my core inspirations: the investigation of the female body as a symbol of sexuality, motherhood, beauty and ambiguity. In an attempt to revive a multidimensional reading of the female subject, my works aim to reveal fragments of female identity in its enigmatic, instinctive, sexual and destructive aspects. My sensibility has always been drawn to the poetic, enigmatic and exotic.

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