How do I write with these frantic fingers
Left index plugs tearing right aorta
Right hand holds closed ripping left ventricle
I am hopelessly, entirely bursting at the seams.
How do I write with these full hands
Clasped to caresses, tangled in touches,
Hands feeling my hopeless preoccupation.
These full, useless hands continue to type nothing.
How do I write with this soft mind,
this bubble-lettered, arrow-through-heart, notebook doodle replacement.
Hopelessly, entirely, embarrassingly infatuated.
And how would I ever stop writing about yo

foto2The featured image accompanying this poem, entitled ‘Uninspired’, have been used with the permission of artist Patricio Betteo.

About Patricio Betteo: Patricio Betteo, son of south-american parents, was born in Mexico City in the late 70’s. Since 1999 he has focused on comics and illustration. His work has been published in a great deal of mexican journals, magazines and children’s books. He has also done some videogame art for Electronic Arts and American McGee. He also spends his days playing guitar and painting.

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