Tesseractory Factory

Tesseractory Factory 01(s)-2

The art for this show is from the Random Robot Attacks series focusing on a sub category called Tesseractory Factory. This body of work is composed of patterned kinetic color chaos interwoven with personal iconic images that represent humans and human emotions. Tesseractory Factory deals with the decisions we do or do not make, the consequences, and fight to resolve balance in our life. The hope is that the individual viewer will become lost in the labyrinth of vibrant color patterns evoking an explanation of the art inherent only to that viewer. It is meant to provoke thought as riddles do, allowing the viewers to loose themselves in the piece and escape the monotony of life for a time. Certainly, there are specific emotions and ideas for each of my pieces that I view it as, but I think it is more satisfying for the viewer to find the answers themselves. The shapes and colors I use will direct the participants’ thoughts down a certain path. They do not have to come to the same conclusion or philosophy as I have while I create the art, but I do believe the art implies chaotic movement and controlled excited violent tendencies combined with humanoid shapes. Life is full of layers, just as these pieces of art are, covered in schizophrenic calculated intuitive imagery.

I create these pieces in a quite inhospitable environment (not by choice) so there is tension, violence, psychotic excitement, mixed with a plethora of other emotions…. thoughts and theories…most extremely sensually unhealthy…living between the friction of life. My studio is an old garage void of ventilation, windows, heat, or air condition. I spend 50 to 100 hours a week in this environment depending on project deadlines. Each moment I spend in my studio reminds me that failure is not an option. I know that the extremes of my creative environment have a major influence on my color choices. The isolation and darkness of my studio begs me to be as bright as possible in my art, with harmony and dissonance a constant companion.

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