For Moments Hiding in My Memories

plum_island_by_robert_alan-d8y7u8rThis is for the whirlwind minutes
That seeped into my veins like oxygen
The furtive thumping of my lungs
Against the subtle rattle of
Your malleable ribs
Impressionable as my soaring heart

This is for the placid calm
The sunlight that played shadow lilies
Against quivering breaths
The rise and fall of your chest

This is for the in between
The myriad moments of aching limbs
The way foot hit pedal
Calves strained against gear to
Project me into a future of aching hearts

This is for the way you held me
The way you caressed me with lullaby hugs
The way you whispered restful words

This is for our memories.

The featured image, ‘Plum Island’, was used with permission of artist, Robert Alan, a mixed media artist from New York City.  

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