Empty Lines

your_gaze_by_terrie923-d7uj3gz[Ring, Ring, Ring] The telephone rings but I don’t want to answer
On the other side is someone who I’m running away from
[Ring, Ring, Ring] I pick up and hang up
They call again
Utter silence throughout my end
“Hello? I know you’re there”
“Talk to me. Please”
Nothing left to be said
To someone who walked out and never came back
“I can hear you breathing. Say something”
I hang up and pace the empty room
That was once full of memories
Full of laughter and love
[Ring, Ring, Ring] I stand in front of the phone, hanging on the wall
The cord tangled up like the pathways in my brain
How do I acknowledge someone who murdered me
Left me on the floor cold and senseless
[Ring, Ring, Ring] “How could you? How could you leave?”
For once you were silent
Not knowing how to respond
“I needed you and you left”
Without another thought I hung up
You never called back
My confession of need set you back
I never wanted you
I needed you
You never needed me
You simply wanted me

The featured image, ‘Your Gaze’, was used with permission of artist, Terrie Shum. Terrie is a New Zealand-based illustrator currently studying a communication design major at Auckland University of Technology. She specialises in digital art, and has an interest in painting imagery from sci-fi and nature.

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  1. Melaniestephenson3@yahoo.com'
    Melanie stephenson says:

    My comment isn’t posting ! I’m gonna keep ferrying until it’s posts! Great job chloe, very talented. I didn’t know you even wrote poems when we were in high school.that’s very unique ! ???

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