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Posting Comments on Rollick

Rollick permits it users to post comments on works and other content published on the Site. These comments are hosted on the Site and may be shared.

  1. Your display name will be seen by fellow Rollick users when you comment on posts. It will also be the name you use to log in to the site. Your safety matters, so please note that no last names, addresses, or other personally identifiable information are allowed as part of your display name, or in the body of your comment.
  2. Don’t be mean. Rollick Magazine seeks to inspire real engagement in the content we publish. Don’t make engaging with awesome material unpleasant for anyone.
  3. All comments on Rollick are moderated. This means that sometimes delays may happen, but please  be patient with us, we will move as fast as we can!
  4. We are hypervigilant about spam. As we are a publication dedicated to real engagement, we will not publish comments that contain irrelevant or unsolicited content for the purposes of advertising or phishing.
  5. In addition to this, we will not publish repetitive and indiscriminate messages that originate from the same source repeatedly or that are submitted from disposable email addresses using various aliases. These kinds of interactions undermine our pursuit of real engagement. Further to this, such comments would create an unfair disadvantage toward certain works and would undermine the legitimacy of our Most Popular Post Award. Accordingly, we use software to detect inauthentic interactions with our site, and have also trained our moderators to spot fraudulent comments. We take our mission to foster real engagement very seriously, so please be advised that spam of any kind (whether originating from spam bots or humans) will not be supported on this site.
  6. We reserve the right not to publish your comments.
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