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Things to Note/Do when Submitting Work to Us

Submissions Check List: Things to Note/Do when Submitting Work to Us

  1. Publishable Quality – Rollick Magazine is passionate about writing and the arts. We seek to publish the best talent, promote great dialogue, and inspire real engagement. We aim for quality over quantity, and ask that you submit work that is of publishable quality. This means that work should contain correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Not only does this make a great impression on our selection panel, it also means its easier to tell when you are being experimental or taking risks in your work.
  2. Terms of Use – You must own the intellectual property in Work(s) that you submit to Rollick. Please review our Terms of Use before submitting works to us if you need further clarification about this. The copyright of works published by Rollick Magazine belong to the contributor.
  3. Author Details  – Please ensure you include the following details when submitting work to us: Contributor’s name, address, telephone number, and email address typed at the top of the first page. In the case of visual art submissions, these details should be included in the body of the email.
  4. Correct Format/Presentation – Text submissions should be presented in 12-point type, with at least one-inch margins, and sequentially numbered pages. It is also helpful to place the title of the piece, and the author’s name into the header of your document so that our panel can keep track of work that is being considered. Please do not send written submissions as email text instead of as an attached document. Such submissions are not deemed to be of publishable quality, and cannot be properly considered.
  5. Identify Your Category – Don’t forget to state the category and sub-category, as outlined above. A writer/artist’s statement explaining your work and its relevance to the Rollick theme can also assist you during the section process, particularly where your practice employs a novel or experimental approach.
  6. Biographical Information – Please include a brief biographical note about yourself of no more than 50 words. Not only is it helpful to have this information ready should your submission be successful, it also means that we don’t have to spend time chasing down these details later. The brief biography will accompany any work that is published by Rollick Magazine. Please advise us if you intend to publish your work under a pseudonym.
  7. Photo/Avatar – You guys, we have given this particular topic its own prime spot on the check list because we often get awesome submissions that we desperately want to publish, but they don’t come with photos/avatars. This makes baby seals everywhere cry. That’s right, the crying is done by us. When it comes down to it, our day-to-day operations on this magazine are all about timing and logistics. Not having a photo can cause delays, but more than that, we don’t want to miss out on publishing brilliant work.So, please remember our golden rule: Submission + bio + photo/avatar.
    (Having these three can bring editors glee)

    Also, we know love seeing your gorgeous faces, but our systems can’t handle glamour over 300 x 300 px, so try to send images to this specification if possible.

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